Hi! My name is Sofiia Rappe, and I am a recent Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition MSc graduate of the University of Edinburgh. My primary research interests lie in philosophy of mind and language; more specifically, I am interested in predictive processing, metacognition, consciousness, analogical reasoning, non-compositional meaning, language comprehension, categorization, and object perception. In the nearest future, I intend to pursue doctoral studies and continue my career as a theoretical cognitive scientist (or “empirically-informed philosopher”) in hopes of contributing to our understanding of human and machine cognition by integrating knowledge from various disciplines including linguistics, psychology, computer-, and neuroscience.

Previously, I also obtained my undergraduate degree in linguistics and mathematics from the University of Toronto, where I was a laboratory manager and research assistant at the Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab in 2015-2017 as well as a research assistant at Technologies for Aging Gracefully Lab in 2016.

See my CV to learn more about my past and current projects and “Events” to find out about any upcoming talks.

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