Peer-reviewed journal articles

Deroy, O. & Rappe, S. (2022). The clear and not so clear signatures of perceptual reality in the Bayesian brain. Consciousness and Cognition. [Preprint here]

Rappe, S. & Wilkinson, S. (2022). Counterfactual cognition and psychosis: Adding complexity to predictive processing accounts. Philosophical Psychology. [Preprint here]

Rappe, S. (2022). Predictive minds can think: Addressing generality and surface compositionality of thought. Synthese200(1), 1-22. [Preprint here]

Rappe, S. (2019). Now, Never, or Coming Soon? Prediction and Efficient Language Processing. Pragmatics & Cognition, 26 (2-3), 357-385. [Preprint here]

Book reviews

Rappe, S. (2020). Brain-Mind [Review of the book Brain-Mind: From Neurons to Consciousness and Creativity, by P. Thagard]. Metapsychology Online Reviews. [View here]

In preparation and under review

Rappe, S. (In preparation). Imagination, constructive perception, and the subjective sense of reality.

Rappe, S., Loev S. & Deroy O. (In preparation). Confidence within its proper bounds.